NEW MUSIC: Auto Injector by The Shimmer Effect


We have been facing a lot of challenges over the past few months, both personally and as TSE-entity, but things are looking up at the moment and we are pleased to share ‘Auto Injector‘, our latest and 2nd track for 2014 with you. We’re always looking forward to your feedback,  so drop us a comment when you happen to ride our soundwaves~Happy listening!


Vox samples: Ras Kitchen

Listen at ReverbNation, SoundCloud or Fandalism 

NEW RELEASE: I in the Sky EP (Big Wave Records)

Big Wave Records  just released their first official album ‘I in the Sky‘, a 5 track compilation EP featuring music by Dub Bred, Salook, Alchesound, Arkeyetexture and The Shimmer Effect.  This one`s a collection of eccentric self-styled music,  electronic, experimental, downtempo, ambient, glitch and psydub vibez!

Artwork: Astral-Haze

Artwork: Astral-Haze

More details and Free Download link here!

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We uploaded our first track ever produced as a unit, Uranometria,  to back in 2011 and recently received a notification that it has moved up to the next tiered station, SongVault Finals! This means the song is just 1 tier away from getting placed in the SongVault Directory and having a permanent placement on the SongVault radio network.

You can help us by listening and voting for us and others on Click here!

New Release: Vapour by Alchesound

Vapour presents a series of progressive compositions with a minimalistic
and experimental approach to melodic grooves, beatbreaks and cross-rhythms, mood-swinging through a mist of nostalgia.

Alchesound - Vapour

“This is a a great album by Alchesound and one that would make anyone’s late night hacking spree seem like its been written into a scene from Blade
Runner or The Matrix. ” -Bushmen Records

Release date: 03/11/2013

Style: Electronic, Down-tempo, Trip-hop, Glitch

Click here for Free Download

NEW MUSIC: Forever Lost by The Shimmer Effect



Forever Lost was created and produced by The Shimmer Effect for the upcoming EP release “I in the Sky” by Big Wave Records. Stay connected for download link once released, it`s due early 2014! Also featuring music from our individual projects (Salook and Alchesound) as well as Dub Bred and Arkeyetexture - bound to be an ear full – stay tuned peeps!

You can also listen, like, share and comment @ReverbNation and @Fandalism

TSE Music Licenses

We are truly flattered by the enthusiasm and support we receive from you on all social networks and various platforms online!!

You are welcome to share, play around and remix our music as long as you give credit to ‘The Shimmer Effect’ in your titles and tags know the drill right?

We also hereby inform you that our music is not available to the public for commercial use. We have declined a few requests from fans who want to remix TSE tracks and sell it.

Please see this link for full description of what you can and cannot do regarding releases by The Shimmer Effect via Bushmen Records.


We trust you understand the concept of KARMA and will respect our terms and wishes.

Happy listening  folks!