New Single: The Agenda by The Shimmer Effect

We just dropped our first single ‘The Agenda‘ from our upcoming 2015 debut release with Big Wave Records. This track is full of suspense & energy; electronic with some glitchy and industrial-ish undertones.. we think. She was also a monster to mix and drove us up the walls at times, but we pushed through and are really happy and excited to share our new creation with you. This is also the first time in our 5 year existence that we`ve layed down vocals from both of us – that for us as a unit is in itself  a big milestone and sign of growth. We hope you enjoy listening and watching as much as we did creating it! Let us know, share the love, make a comment.. it`s always appreciated and keeps us motivated.

The Agenda- The Shimmer Effect

Grab your free download or make a donation (name your price) at Bandcamp or alternatively listen on SoundCloud.

The Agenda was written, produced and mixed by The Shimmer Effect. Released 19 January 2015. © Attribution Non-commercial No Derivatives. Enjoy the video!


New Release: Higher Perspective ::: Destiny Dub

Higher Perspective - Destiny Dub - Big Wave Records - Cover Art by Sylvan `O Reilly aka Astral-Haze

You are perfection and infinite
Combined with protection and Divine Consciousness of Zero
I and I can reach the verge of manifestation
And expresses the totality of our ever expanding Universe

See the bigger picture from a higher perspective
Your vibration has much to offer to the world
Destiny number souls must give their all
Energies of 80 pursue your ultimate goal

As above
So below



Higher Perspective ::: Destiny Dub

Release date: 20 November 2014

Release number: BWR/06

Genres: electronic, experimental, ambient dub, ethno dub, psydub, downtempo

1. Scorpion Sting – The Shimmer Effect
2. Moth Lost In A Flame – Dub Bred
3. Pieces Of Eight – Arkeyetexture
4. The Psalmist – Salook
5. Come Forth – Alchesound


 ARTWORK: Sylvan O’Reilly © Astral-Haze ;

Higher Perspective ::: Destiny Dub is a concept album based around the number 80 featuring unreleased music produced by Big Wave Records residents for this intended release. All tracks are set at 80 bpm. All audio created, produced and mixed by respective artists and remain their intellectual property. Compiled by Big Wave Records. All rights reserved.

Free Download & Streaming at and Noisetrade

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NEW MUSIC: CrackBaby by The Shimmer Effect

We`ve uploaded a PHAT new tune on SoundCloud. Intense electronic – experimental – glitchy – dark vibes.. if you like that sort of thing, give us a play and let us know what you think! Created and produced by The Shimmer Effect. Lyrics & Vocals by Salook.

Listen on SoundCloud or  View the Video

For upcoming new release with Big Wave Records, 2015.

All rights reserved © The Shimmer Effect.

NEW RELEASE: Gemini Sun by Salook


released 28 May 2014

Gemini Sun is a collection of uniquely Salook-styled experimental tracks. The album is full of intense atmospheres which you may find strangely peaceful at times. The layering and textures infuscated with wild
percussions and glitch breaks accompany the listener to the outer
limits…spooky in the best sense.

“I measured the skies, now the shadows I measure
Skybound was the mind, earthbound the body rests”


Artwork: Sylvan O’Reilly ;!astral-haze/c60t

All audio created, produced and mixed by Salook and remain his intellectual property. Released by Big Wave Records.

Free Download at Bandcamp

New Single: ‘The Cajole of Sun Wukong’

“The Buddha in each of us knows that no scriptures can save a single soul unless that soul makes the effort to achieve enlightenment.”
“You may run from tigers, but where can you hide from your own fear? Desire is unquenchable – you can only free yourself from it.”
Release date: 11 May 2014
Created and produced by The Shimmer Effect.
Released in conjunction with Big Wave Records.
All rights reserved.